Patients with pain generated from poor movement patterns, poor posture, and degeneration of discs and joints will benefit from a yoga and Pilates program. Learning good movement patterns will decrease wear and tear caused by uneven stresses on the joints of the body. Additionally, yoga and Pilates has shown to improve body awareness. As a result, at work or at our hobbies we can incorporate many of the postural exercises learned from these two methods making our daily activities more pain free.

Most neck and back pain will develop over time because we are spending time in rounded or forward flexed position. As you load your spine in a forward flexed position, the muscle and ligaments in your spine must tighten and contract to counter the forward loading bringing you in front of your center of gravity. A forward head position and rounded low back are common causes of neck pain and low back pain. Pilates and yoga exercises can help you with postural strength as well as postural awareness.

Participating in yoga and Pilates can help improve flexibility and strength, improve breathing and mental calmness, improve stress reduction, and improve overall body awareness. Lou Rossi D.C. and Kyle Milligan P.T. have found that yoga and Pilates are a perfect complement to many of the musculoskeletal conditions they treat. Centerpointe Chiropractic and Physical Therapy offers Yoga, Pilates, and Relaxation classes throughout the the year. The classes will be taught by certified yoga and Pilates instructors. Go to our website to find out more about the classes or call our office at 330-723-2225.